The Little Lompoc Store that Could


Staff and contractors have been hard at work remodeling our Lompoc location on H Street! We have been at this location for many years, and our pint sized store has served thousands of happy customers! We decided it was time for a fresh new look in Lompoc! New floors, paint and fixtures are underway and we can't wait to show them off when we reopen on Thursday. Here's a progress photo in the meantime!

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What is Verizon Hum?


Hum by Verizon is all about getting your vehicle connected, making it safer and more reliable for you and your loved ones.

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Must Have Tablet Apps!


Maybe you got a shiny new tablet for Christmas this year. Or perhaps you're thinking about treating yourself to a new tablet, but are still undecided. This comprehensive list of must have tablet apps will show you the way!

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Technology Resolutions for 2016!


Check out this fantastic list of technology related New Year's Resolutions to keep 2016 running like a finely oiled machine!

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Download Drippler - the Android Tips App


Daily updates, tips and reviews from Drippler will keep you learning about what your android smartphone can do for you in digestible bits and pieces.

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iPhone Quick Tip: Clear RAM to Speed up Performance


Here's a cool trick to stop your iPhone from crashing apps, and to speed up slow loading web pages.

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Wearable Technology is the New Black


Wearable technology - the latest trend in wireless devices - combine form and function to make all your daily activities easier...and more stylish!

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Moving Day in San Luis Obispo!


It was a smooth and successful moving day in San Luis Obispo yesterday! After 17 years in our location in the Marigold Center in San Luis Obispo, we have relocated our San Luis Obispo location to Broad Street and South, next to Rabobank and Fresh & Easy Market.

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New Salinas Store Opening was a Smash!


We had a great time at our Salinas store Grand Re-Opening! Friends from the neighborhood, surrounding businesses, the Salinas Chamber of Commerce and even our city’s Mayor Joe Gunter came to help us celebrate!

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Another Successful Grand Opening: Verizon in Paso Robles


Business neighbors, friends and visitors from the community joined us last Saturday for another successful Grand Opening! Our new Paso Robles location on Spring Street is a brighter, bigger and more modern version of our previous location on 13th Street in the Granger’s Building, where we were for over fifteen years!

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Paso Robles Verizon Grand Opening This Saturday!


You may have heard that Downtown Paso Robles Phone & Wireless has moved to a new location on Spring Street, at 10th, across from City Hall!

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Fun Opening Event at Lompoc Verizon!


The energy was great at the Grand Opening celebration at our NEW Verizon Wireless location in Lompoc! A big THANK YOU to all who contributed to another successful event. It was a pleasure to have members of the Lompoc Chamber of Commerce, including an enthusiastic group of ambassadors, as well as City of Lompoc Councilmember DeWayne Holmdahl, present to do the official ribbon cutting and a toast to the new location!

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Lompoc Phone & Wireless is Hosting a Party!


For the loyal customers that patronized our previous location in CVS Center on H Street for over a decade! We’ve moved across the street (to the corner of Central and H, next to KFC) to give you a bigger, better and more interactive Verizon shopping experience in Lompoc! And if you haven’t had a chance to try us yet – now’s the time!

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Pismo Grand Opening a Great Success!


The Grand Opening celebration of our new Verizon Wireless Pismo Location was a hit! We were honored to have City of Pismo Beach Council member and Mayor Pro Tem Ed Waage in attendance. Members of the Pismo Chamber of Commerce came out to do an official ribbon cutting.

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Local Pismo Verizon Hosts Grande RE-Opening Party


For our customers who knew and loved us at our previous location in OSH/Ross Center, from which we served you for 19, yes, 19 years! This one’s for you. We’ve moved to a bigger, better location in Pismo Coast Plaza on Five Cities Drive, and we’re hosting a PARTY to celebrate it!

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App of the Month: Instagram


Instagram is a social networking tool focused on photos. The app lets you put effects on your photos and then share them by email, or on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Foursquare.

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How "Smart Actions" Work on Your Droid


Part of having a smartphone is learning all the fantastic things it can do to make your life easier. Of course it takes time to learn all the settings on your phone, but dive in and do it! The benefits can be quite impressive.

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How To Shoot Better Video On Your Smartphone


Be it a little one’s first steps, a dance recital, a surprise party or just a silly every day moment, capturing our memories on video is one of the coolest abilities technology has brought us.

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5 Pay-by-Phone Apps Tested


Mobile payment apps seem to be the latest craze with media buzz for products like Google Wallet and big business deals like Starbuck’s recent endorsement of Square Wallet.

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15 Best iPhone Apps for Newbies


As the iPhone 5 madness has set in, many THANKS to for putting together this fantastic list of apps that everyone new to the cult of iPhone must experience. Check ‘em out!

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Buellton Verizon Grand Opening a Smash Success!


The Grand Opening celebration of our new Verizon Wireless Buellton location this past Saturday was a great success! Executive Director Kathy Vreeland and members of the Buellton Chamber of Commerce came out to do the official ribbon cutting. Representing the City of Buellton, we were pleased and honored to have Mayor Holly Sierra, Vice Mayor Dave King and City Council Member Judith Dale in attendance.

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Los Osos Phone & Wireless Gets a Modern New Look


Los Osos and Morro Bay residents! Ready for the most interactive shopping experience in town? Phone & Wireless’ location in Los Osos has been remodeled for a more modern and shopper-friendly experience worthy of the Verizon 4G moniker…come on down and take a look!

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Goleta Phone & Wireless to Benefit Page Youth Center this Saturday


This Saturday, June 2nd, from 1-5 in the afternoon, Goleta Phone & Wireless will be participating in the Calle Real Shopping Center’s first annual Caring & Sharing Event.

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Phone & Wireless NOW in the Santa Maria Mall!


Santa Maria Phone & Wireless has relocated to the Santa Maria Town Center Mall, across from Macy’s! We recently moved from our prior location on Main Street (between College & Miller) to bring you a better looking, cooler version of our former self. The result? A more shopper-friendly store, with the convenience of a one-stop mall location. Come and check out our new spot!

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Fun Wireless Surprise for Christmas!


A friend shared this story with us and we just had to pass it on to our readers! Want to really surprise someone with a new wireless phone this Christmas? Do what our friend from Tolosa Press did for her daughter last season!

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This Holiday Season, Support Local Business – the 3/50 Way!


As a local business with longstanding roots in the community (64 years to be exact!) we really appreciated this article run recently in the San Luis Obispo Telegram Tribune, written by Minneapolis Star Tribune writer Kara McGuire.

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App of the Month: Amazon Mobile


Shopping for a New App? Amazon Mobile is your new personal shopper! Shop ‘til you drop may be a thing of the past. Amazon mobile makes it so easy to search, browse, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases you could do it while…lying on the couch? Getting a pedicure? Eating a sandwich? Sitting in a massage chair at Brookstone…but wait – you’d have to go to the mall for that.

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Art Imitates…Cell Phone Use? Mobile Phone Photographers: Exhibit Your Work!


Cell phones have transformed our lives in so many ways, over such a short period of time. The one change we probably didn’t see coming? Art through the lens of your phone!

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Another Successful Grand Opening ~ Atascadero Gets Second Location!


It was another fun event last Saturday at the Grand Opening celebration of our new Atascadero location (our second in Atascadero and fifth in North County).

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Verizon Now in Carpinteria ~ Grand Opening Event Was a Hit!


We had a great turnout at the Grand Opening celebration of our new Carpinteria location, including a group of Carpinteria Chamber of Commerce members. We were especially honored to have City Councilwoman Kathleen Reddington with us. The group that arrived first really brought attention to the celebration, and soon, many passersby came in to check us out, too.

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The Wait is Over! Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Has Hit the Central Coast!


We listened, we watched, we waited! For the last nine months, we heard all about it! Then we started to get a little impatient. As metro cities throughout the U.S. were lighting up with Verizon’s 4G LTE Network we were starting to itch!

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Six Tips to Watch Your Data Use


Verizon has discontinued unlimited data plans and changed to tiered data plans – 2G, 5GB and 10 GB monthly. The change came when they studied usage habits and learned that over 95% of smartphone customers use less than 2 GB per month.

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Avoid a “Global Roaming” Experience: Use Data Worldwide the Smart Way


Now that you’ve got your amazing new global ready smartphone, the possibilities seem endless! Imagine yourself…sending a picture message of you and your Sherpa from Machu Pichu! Updating your Facebook page beneath the Eiffel Tower. Or maybe you just want to check up on your work email while taking a breather by the Fountain di Trevi. Shame on you, you’re on vacation!

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App of the Month: Google Maps


Most of us have used Google Maps online to locate a business or get directions. But if you have a smartphone and haven’t used this app yet, check it out!

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And the Fastest Mobile Network is….Verizon 4G


PCMag recently hit the road to test eight 3G and 4G networks in 21 U.S. cities. With smartphone innovation moving at a breakneck pace, new tablets hitting the market all the time, and an increasing number of people using cellular modems and mobile hotspots to get online on the go, access to speedy data coverage is becoming more essential every day.

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What’s the 411?


Spending a lot on 411 calls? Here’s a quick and easy tip that should help you save some cash. Google offers a free text message information service.

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App of the Month: Phone Halo


Whether you’re a person who misplaces your keys each day, or you’ve been through the major inconvenience of permanently losing your phone or wallet, this app may be for you.

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Downtown San Luis Phone & Wireless has a Spiffy New Look


Ready for a more interactive and aesthetically pleasing store experience? Phone & Wireless’ location in downtown SLO has been remodeled for a sleeker and more shopper-friendly atmosphere. Come, take a look!

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Android App of the Month: Barcode Scanner


If you spend any time on the web, chances are you’ve had your first glimpse of a QR Code. Maybe you weren’t even sure what you were looking at, or found it curious that the instructions directed you to “scan” the code with your phone for more information, a discount, or contact info.

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Common Sense Tips for Cell Phones and Parenting


Cell phones can provide peace of mind by keeping parents and kids in touch – calling for a ride home, letting mom know you got there ok, and more. But it’s important for parents to help kids use this technology responsibly. The rules may change depending on the age of your child and the type of cell phone you decide to get them. Check out Common Sense Media’s article below to learn more about parenting when it comes to cell phones.

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Use your FREE Friends & Family Calling Group to Save…Here’s How!


Going over on minute usage on your monthly bill? Here’s a great way to avoid spending on overages. Take advantage of Friends & Family from Verizon Wireless, a money-saving feature that lets you customize your calling plan to include the numbers you call the most.

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More 4G Devices Arrive as Central Coast 4G Coverage is on the Way


Verizon Wireless announced last week that another 4G device, the Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, has hit the market.

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Send Text Messages Without Your Phone


Here’s a handy tip for all you texters out there. Let’s say you are out of the country without a global phone, your cell phone battery has died, or your phone isn’t available for some other reason. You can still send text messages to other Verizon Wireless customers using one of two methods (Standard Charges Apply).

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Android App of the Month: Craigslist Notification


While many enjoy gaming and other apps that are just for fun, some appreciate apps that create efficiencies and help get things done. Craigslist Notification is one such app. Whether you’re looking for affordable office furniture, a 1940’s bedroom set, freelance photography gigs or a new job, this FREE app will save you the time required to constantly browse ads online.

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Back up and Breathe Easy! Never Lose Your Address Book Again…


Ever lost your phone along with all of the contacts in your address book? If you have, you know the pain that rebuilding it can bring. Most of us hardly have a handful of numbers memorized these days.

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Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network Coming to the Central Coast


Verizon Wireless announced this week the addition of 59 new markets that will be covered by the carrier’s 4G LTE service in 2011. These new regions are in addition to the 88 markets Verizon Wireless already announced, bringing the total number of projected markets that will receive LTE coverage from Verizon this year to 147. Among these newly announced markets are Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.

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Verizon Voice Mail Time-Saving Tips


Have you ever felt frustrated by the time it takes to get through your saved messages in order to listen to new messages? Or wanted to replay a message to catch a phone number without listening through to the end?

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Don’t Drive and Text!


If you are a behind the wheel texter, or are still using a handheld phone while driving, listen to this message. In 2009, about 5,500 people were killed and another half million were injured during accidents related to distracted driving.

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...The representative, Lyndsey, took a lot of time with us, and really helped us make good decisions all through the process…she explained everything very clearly, and we never felt rushed.

- Mary H.

...Good customer support.

- Curt C.

...The service was excellent.

- Edward L.

...Excellent customer service from store salesman.

- Karen P.

...Always happy with service from verizon. Representative was extremely patient and friendly. Did not make me feel stupid which is important to us older customers with limited technology knowledge. Thank you.

- Krista W.

...He was awesome. Knowledgeable and friendly.

- Julia C.

...Answered all questions, pleasant attitude from agent, just very efficient.

- Rose P.

...We changed our decision about the phones and the change was a little stressful, but the representative was able to help us a lot and we were very happy.

- Kathryn P.

...Everyone was very helpful, and I love my new phone!

- Marsha S.

...You have awesome staff - really appreciated their knowledge and level of expertise in helping me to make a good decision with my plan.

- Laura G.

...Your sales associates are very knowledgeable, and can help with any questions that we may have.

- Mark M.

...Your staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about your products and services! I would highly recommend Verizon as a result of my experience and your excellent employees.

- Kathy C.

...The representative was very patient and took the time to explain everything. Even told me to come back if I had any more questions. I definitely will go back, if necessary. She was excellent!

- Ed E.

...We received excellent help from our rep. He answered our questions directly and was very informative.

- Peder L.

...I bought another cell phone for our daughter and Lyndsey told me about Verizon home phone service. I went in to get that plan set up and they were both very nice and helpful. Both very pleasant, knowledgeable and willing to answer all my "non-tech" questions.

- Nancy B.

...The rep was fast and efficient.

- Les S.

...Rep was very patient, answered all of my questions and concerns - very professional and helpful. I'm very happy with the best service I've ever encountered.

- Noe H.

...He steered me toward a cheaper plan that I did not know about.

- Pamela B.

...My experience with Verizon was very positive and I received excellent customer service.

- Carrie A.

...Lyndsey and her co-worker in training at the Los Osos, CA store were excellent. Young, vibrant and knowledgeable about all of the Verizon products we had questions about.

- Clifford H.

...They went out of their way to help us.

- Judith A.

...Friendly and efficient. Got us set up with 2 new phones and service is less than 45 minutes. She was also very good about greeting other customers when they came in.

- Katherine T.

...I needed a new smart phone and didn't know which to get. The sales girl was really helpful in going through all the phones that had what I was looking for, plus others. She is professional and a credit to the store and Verizon Wireless. Thank you.

- Catherine D.

...I could just tell that he was experienced and knew all the answers to all my questions.

- Sally H.

...No improvement needed. Service and knowledge was excellent.

- Joanne T.

...Very knowledgeable and patient. Jim is the best.

- Richard C.

...Always great service!

- Claudia W.

...Lyndsey was very helpful, efficient and knowledgeable about the phone. She and the other employee work well together for a flawless transition to a new phone. A very pleasant experience.

- Michael H.